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Inner Evolution 2

Inner Evolution 2

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Inner Evolution is the only Revolution

A seed breaks its hard shell of ego with
intelligent awareness, and as one balanced whole flows into a flower that shares the fragrance of its soul.

"There is really only one idea; one problem and one solution...That we assume we're whole beings when we're only...Half, yes, and not the good half."

—Jed McKenna

"Today half the world's wealth is in the hands of the richest 2% of the population."               From the film Home

"Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger." World Health Organization

Nearly 10 years after the declaration of the War on Terror, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan have killed at least 225,000 people...will cost will cost Americans between $3.2 and $4 trillion, including medical care and disability for current and future war veterans..."Watson Institute

"The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist...In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought. This is just utterly mad; it is unbelievable. It is stupid, unintelligent, inhuman. Once you divide man in two, you create misery and hell for him...    He is half and because he is half he is always in anguish and tension; he cannot celebrate. Only a whole man can celebrate. Celebration is the fragrance of being whole." Osho

"Let us again remind ourselves that the central conception of Man in the Gospels is that he is an unfinished creation capable of reaching a higher level by a definite great as the differences between a seed and a flower."Maurice Nicoll

"No, the transforming light of awareness brushes aside your scheming self-seeking ego to give Nature full rein to bring about the kind of change that she produces in the rose:          artless, graceful, unself-conscious, wholesome, untainted by inner conflict."
—Tony de Mello

"If ordinary people really knew that consciousness and not matter is the link that connects us with each other and the world, then their views about war and peace, environmental pollution, social justice, religious values, and all other human endeavors would change radically." Amit Goswami, Ph. D.

                             —Such is Now

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