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True Nature

True Nature

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True Nature

It is in, but not of, the ever-changing nature of mind and matter.

"There is no attaining it because it is always present. All you have to do is remove the coverings that conceal it."

"Your true nature is that of infinite spirit."
—Ramana Maharshi

"When Buddha attained to the Ultimate, the utterly Ultimate Enlightenment he was asked, 'What have you attained?' And he laughed and he said 'Nothingbecause whatsoever I have attained was already there inside of me. It is not something new I have achieved. It has always been there from eternity, it is my very nature, But I was not mindful of it, I was not aware of it. The treasure was always there but I had forgotten about it."

" far as buddhahood is concerned, you already have it. What is missing is a recognition."  —Osho

"Awareness is actually what you are; it's the essence of your being. And not only is awareness what you are, it is also what everyone else is, too." —Adyashanti

"All we are is consciousness. To suggest that one being could be superior or inferior to another is to reveal complete ignorance regarding the simplest of matters." —Jed McKenna

"Being both spirit and matter, man is an intermediary between these two great principles... Hermes concludes that man is a marvel, worthy of wonder and reverencea sentiment that fuelled the humanism of the Renaissance." —Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

"Man not only receives the Light of divine Life, he gives it as well." —Hermes

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." —Jesus, Gospel of Matthew

"My job is to enlighten myself to that, and to love the spent rose, the sound of the traffic, the litter on the ground, and the litterer who gives me my world. I pick up the litter, do the dishes, sweep the floor, wipe the baby's nose, and question anything that would cost me the awareness of my true nature." —Byron Katie

                               —Such is Now

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