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Truth or Bust

Silenced, and then ignored, for exposing inaccurate assumptions, rebels like Socrates are for the Truth which is not in a past memory or in a future dream for some special group, but eternally present in all that which is.

"No idea can capture 'truth' in the sense of that-which-is."David Bohm, Ph. D. 

"What's true is true regardless of region, culture, planet, galaxy or dimension. It is what it is... if you put ten books by ten enlightened people together and stripped out the excess, they'd all be the same. That's how it is at the core."

"You figure out what's true through a process of elimination, by figuring out what's not true."
Jed McKenna

"There is no truth but that which IS. All of that which IS is Truth."Life's Word

"But you have also been programmed not to suspect, not to doubt, just to trust the assumptions that have been put into you by your tradition, your culture, your society, your religion. And if you are not happy, you have been trained to blame yourself, not your programming, not your cultural and inherited ideas and beliefs." Tony de Mello

"Socrates helped people question their beliefs, and that when the time came to for him to drink the hemlock, he did it cheerfully...seems like someone who was loving what is."           Byron Katie

"Socrates says somewhere 'Man is glued to his senses' and for this reason loses contact with himself. Man has lost his way...Socrates says: 'When the soul returning unto itself reflects,      it goes straight to what is pure, everlasting and immortal...'" Maurice Nicoll 

"It is within and without both. But first you have to experience it within because that is the nearest point, the nearest door you can enter...And once you have experienced it as your very self you will know it is everybody's self."

"Truth already is. Just kindly don't construct the false, and you will see that which is."

                               —Such is Now

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