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It is what it is, so there you have it.

"According to particle physics, the world is fundamentally dancing energy, energy that is everywhere and incessantly assuming first this form then that."
Gary Zukav

"Awareness is seeing relationships in the present."Bob Rhondell Gibson

"But if your spirit becomes unclogged and your senses open you will begin to perceive things as they really are and to interact with reality and you will be entranced by the harmonies of the universe."—Tony de Mello   

"Oneness and unity aren't profound feelings or spiritual beliefs or altered states of consciousness, they're just plain old consciousness; unadorned, uncorrupted, uncontaminated ...we need only cleanse our perceptual faculties, rid ourselves of all egoic befuddlement, see what is and stop seeing what's not."—Jed McKenna

"I like to say, 'Don't pretend yourself before you own evolution.' What I mean by that is 'Don't be spiritual; be honest instead.'"

"The way is simply what is. It doesn't bend to what anyone thinks it should be, it is its own integrity, it is infinitely intelligent and kind."
—Byron Katie

"Reality as we experience is constantly being created freshly at every moment, out of this pool of possibilities."Dr. Jeffrey Santiover

"History may repeat because it is a mind phenomena, but life never repeats."

"The ideological person is continuously fighting with himself. Each moment there is conflict. He lives in conflict, he lives in confusion, because he cannot decide who he really is the ideal or the reality...Hakuin is right: 'All beings from the beginning are buddhas.'" Osho

"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation."—J. Krishnamurti

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