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  Don't Believe Everything You Think

"Just show me a problem that doesn't come from believing an untrue thought."Byron Katie

"...we need to examine our dogmas. We believe an external world exists independent of the perceiving subject. Philosophers and physicists from Plato to Hawking have debated this idea. Niels Bohr, the great Nobel physicist, said 'Not so.' When we measure something, we're forcing an undetermined, undefined world to assume an experimental value. We're not measuring the world, we're creating it."Robert Lanza, M.D.

"There's no way to remove the observer usfrom our perceptions of the world."             —Stephen Hawking

"The dogma and ideology of our upbringing are particularly pernicious in this regard. They color and shape our thoughts to a much greater degree than we can possibly be aware. Spiritual aspirants of any background may feel confident that they have rejected and moved past the indoctrination of their youth, but this is far more easily said than done."Jed McKenna

"No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond...How happy we would be if terrorists would adore their ideology less and question more...However we don't like to apply that to ourselves." Tony de Mello

"No two philosophies agree; they only agree to disagree...And two truths agree so deeply they become one truth...That's why it is said there is only one truth. There cannot be many, because the agreement is so infinite and so total and so whole that whenever there are two truths they immediately jump into one and become one flame."

"It is man who has created distinctions and categories, otherwise all is one. But there is no need for a third world war to happen to understand this."Osho

"Humanity is going to need a substantially a new manner of thinking if it is to survive."Albert Einstein

                                —Such is Now

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