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About Us

This all began as an attempt to find a way out of my disturbed inner state, as well as wanting to understand mankind's so unkind history from the giants in the field of truth, the mystics, the scientists of the inner world. Blown away by the thread going through their gems of wisdom, and then, despite my artistic limitations, a gratitude to them and to the One pointed to, shares it with you.

I have since discovered that some of the insights from these mystics, from the East or West, can be confirmed by what scientists of quantum physics are describing as the unified field, or entanglement.
They all seem to agree that the universe is one undivided-super-intelligent whole, reaching out as far as every galaxy and as near as every atom on earth recycling in and out of every body.

But conditioned by an old science paradigm which says the observer can be separate from the observed, and by old religions which divide the divine to a far distant place in the sky, to be realized in the future,
the dualistic mind can easily miss a sense of awe in seeing the incredible unity in all of life's variety.

The mind is such a biological-mechanical wonder, but can be a burden. The transcending light of awareness can transform it
and free us from ourselves.

Conflicts arise from forgetting our one essence which has
also been called by many names besides awareness such as: true nature, the inner light, Truth, consciousness, divine love, or Spirit.

T-shirts are just one of the many ways to remember that one light of Truth can dispel age-old divisive untruths, for consciousness abides in the eternal NOW while the river of time is continually reborn every moment ever-
so brand new.

So as we now spin through the infinite space of one miraculous uni-verse
on an amazing inter-connected ball of earth, we can evolve even beyond her as

          the mystics and new science are giving birth to a universal child,
          a whole new human being balancing the within with the without

                     May these new waves of possibility begin to ripple out,
                                 This is what Such is Now is all about.


"We need to get to the next step, where we value intuition much more, to prepare the ground for the supra-mental to come to us...We're at a stage of mental evolution where we try to solve everything by our rationality,  and this is not enough. This is not enough." —Amit Goswami, Quantum Physicist

"...this is not a different system of belief, it's a different paradigm of being."             —Jed McKenna

"We know who speaks for the nations, but who speaks for the human species, who speaks for Earth?" —Carl Sagan, astronomer

                              —Such is Now—  



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